We develop your product according with your needs,
since the formulation, bulk and image designing, to the packaging of the finished product.



We are a laboratory and assembly plant with a team of chemists experienced and passionate to incorporate natural assets really effective in our products. We also manufacture most of the packaging with the most advanced technology. We are committed to your well-being and the environment as we take care of the impact of the manufacture of our products (energy saving, low water consumption, proper waste management, microbiology and the highest quality of our assets) A company dedicated to the manufacture and maquila of cosmetology products.


Product Manufacturing
Development and formulation of products.
We have standardized and approved formulas.
Manufacture of containers.
Packaging Process
Container selection.
Decoration of container.
Filling and finishing.
Desing and labels.
Compact powders.
Makeup remove.
Mascara for eyelashes.
Cream and blockers.
Manufacture of containers.


The vision of Cosmedym S.A. de C.V., is to become leaders in the American continent in the manufacture of packaging for the cosmetics industry, with vanguard technology, taking care of the environment and always seeking the optimal social and economic development of our customers and partners.


The main mission of Cosmedym, S.A. of C.V., is the manufacture and commercialization of containers, caps, scrapers, applicators and presentation of technical services for the cosmetic industry, respecting the parameters of quality and service required by our clients, maintaining the competitive prices at international level, to occupy a place of distinction and preference with leading cosmetic manufacturers.

Quality politics

Offer to our customers with reliable and innovative products based on quality standards through a continuous improvement in our processes.